In my opinion TenminuteWill.co.uk (10MinuteWill.co.uk) is almost certinly the best of the Online Will Websites for the following reasons:-

  1. Pricewise – it is not actually the cheapest but given all the other features it IS the best value for money at £29.95 for a single will.
  2. EVERY Will written by tenminutewill.co.uk is solicitor checked to ensure there is no chance of a mistake being made. Most of the cheaper providers do NOT have this facility and DIY Wills certainly don’t.
  3. Speed and Ease – unlike many at similar prices you can print a will off in minutes, no waiting for the will to arrive by post.

  4. Try it for FREE and a Money Back Guarantee.
  5. Fixed price and no hidden costs – many other online will providers CHARGE you for alternations. As circumstances WILL change at some point this is a big bonus.
  6. Security and Peace of Mind – some providers are NOT secure meaning that your data is at risk. Also if you lose your will you can just re-print it and sign it again at no cost.
  7. Thousands of satisfied customers – REAL ones!

Visit the TenMinuteWill.co.uk Website here


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